Castelló Sud is home to emblematic spots rich in flora and fauna, it is full of itineraries that will take you to discover Mediterranean landscapes dotted with history.

Its contrast of landscapes is ideal for hiking, combining the green of the Mediterranean forest, and the dry crops that coexist with the orange groves in the lower areas, the reddish tone of the surrounding mountains, the orography sculpted by the water, and the richness of the wetlands along the coast.

Mountain trails

The trail of the Fountains

Eslida PR-CV 348
Eslida is known for its numerous fountains, this route offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of the Serra Espadà to discover them. Distance 15 km Time 4h 46 min Gradient 732 m Circular
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Monumental olive trees track

The liquid gold of Artana has an interesting history that is reflected in the age of the dozens of outsanding olive trees that we find scattered throughout the dry fields of the municipality. Distance 5,6 km Time 1h 11 min Gradient 45 m Circular
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Coastal itineraries

Blue Trail 6,000 steps

This trail allows you to enjoy an easy coastal route in Almenara, equipped with rest areas and fountains, it runs alongside the typical houses and a micro-reserve of high botanical value, intended for the conservation of species such as the Beach Pelosilla (Silene Cabedessedesii), or fauna such as the pratincole. Distance 2,7 km Time 40 min One way
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Blue Trail Belcaire

Belcaire River’s mouth shapes one of the most beautiful estuaries of the coastal landscape. The surroundings of the trail are flanked, in its southern part, by the beaches of Pedraroja, Grao and Masbo, and in its northern part, by virgin beaches, remains of the Beniesma Watchtower and the Flora del Estanyol micro-reserve. Distance 1,54 km Time 20 min One way
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Blue Trail

The Blue Trail of the Senses connects the beaches of Les Cases and El Cerezo in Xilxes. Distance 5,91 km Time 1h 30 min Circular
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Camino del Cid

Almenara, La Llosa, Xilxes, Nules
This route narrates the “literary” and “historical” conquest of Valencia by the Cid Campeador. The Castellón Branch crosses Castelló Sud among citrus groves and marshes and keeping you always near the beaches. Don't forget to seal your Camino del Cid Passport at the network points.
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Els Estanys Green Trail

Els Estanys Green Trail is an inclusive path that allows you to discover a wide variety of flora, and is perfect for getting started in birdwatching, through a circular path, that gets into one of the most important wetland areas of the Valencian Community.
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Urban itineraries

Thermal itinerary

La Vilavella
This itinerary shows the importance of the hot springs that has characterized the history of La Vilavella. The springs of this town could had been used at least since Roman times, due to their properties for the treatment of joint, muscle and respiratory diseases. Time 30 min Circular
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Water path

La Vall d'Uixó
Through this itinerary starting from the Sant Josep nature area you can discover the highlights of La Vall d'Uixó, from the Aigualit aqueducts, passing through the most important heritage sites of the city. This tour is ideal to complete Les Coves de Sant Josep visit. Distance 6,2 km Time 2h Gradient 41 m Circular
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Belcaire’s promenade

Alfondeguilla - la Vall d’Uixó
It runs along the CV-230 highway that connects Alfondeguilla and La Vall d’Uixó, it recalls the way that the residents of Alfondeguilla took every day to walk towards the Segarra Factory to work. Currently many people use this promenade to practice sport. In the middle of the itinerary, there is a rest area and an interpretive board of the birds of Castelló Sud.