The province of Castellón is home to a wide range of protected natural spaces (marine reserves, eight natural parks, dozens of municipal natural sites, protected landscapes, natural monuments, etc.). Visitors to Castelló Sud in particular will find several natural sites included in the Natura 2000 network of protected areas (Sites of Community Importance, Special Protection Areas for birds, etc.), as well as catalogued wetlands, several flora micro-reserves, a municipal natural site and a natural park.

The region is therefore home to a wide variety of habitats and bird species, including many that would be of interest to birdwatchers. The small territory of Castelló Sud, which you can visit in just a few days, boasts at least 193 species of birds: 34 of which are considered to be of great ornithological interest. On this website, you will find all the information you need to plan birdwatching activities or trips in the 10 municipalities that comprise Castelló Sud.

Equipped for birdwatching

In addition to the facilities belonging to conservation groups and associations, the Consorcio del Pacto por el Empleo de la Plana Baixa has set up several observation points in strategic locations throughout the region, covering a wide range of habitats and different bird species. This makes it the perfect destination for all kinds of birdwatchers, from renowned experts and specialist photographers to family excursions and school trips that seek to introduce young people to the fascinating world of birdwatching.