10 reasons to visit us


Mediterranean spirit

Castelló Sud is a territory comprised by ten municipalities belonging to the Plana Baixa region, located between the cities of Valencia and Castelló de la Plana. Bursting with history, Castelló Sud lies in a privileged location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra de Espadán mountain range, meaning you don’t need to travel far in order to enjoy a broad range of experiences. It is the ideal destination for your next holiday due to its gorgeous natural surroundings, the opportunities it provides for relaxation and disconnection and the accessibility of its various villages and towns.


History and heritage

From pre-historic times right up until the present day, different civilisations have left their mark on the local area, shaping the history and determining the evolution of our villages and towns. Of its rich archaeological heritage, the remains of ancient fortifications – ranging from Arab castles to coastal defence towers and walled enclosures – are particularly noteworthy.

There is also a distinct military legacy from the Battle of Levante (1938-1939) which took place during the Spanish Civil War. The XYZ Line, which passed through our towns, consists of various trenches, block houses, air raid shelters, observatories and military camps, amongst other structures.



Various towns in Castelló Sud are distinctly Moorish in their names and urban planning. They are home to multiple Gothic, Baroque and Neo-classical churches, urban chapels and ceramic altarpieces; proof of the important role that religion has played in the region over the centuries. There are also several hermitages and shrines distributed around the area’s fields and mountains. Castelló Sud is also home to numerous museums on a variety of subjects – such as history, ethnology, archaeology, mining, medal making and local festivities – where visitors can learn more about the region’s illustrious past.


Experiences by the sea

The southern stretch of the Castelló Sud coastline is home to many unspoiled Mediterranean beaches, known for their incredible beauty and quality. These easy-to-access beaches are kept in pristine conditions. Many of them, in fact, have received Blue Flag status for their services, environmental management and water quality.


Mountains of sensations

Delve into the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park and discover its magnificent, jaw-dropping landscapes for yourself. The inland part of Castelló Sud is home to iconic locations that are rich in flora and fauna, pierced by various routes that will take you to different viewpoints, springs, pine forests and cork oak groves. This makes it the perfect region for a day of hiking or mountain biking.



Castelló Sud’s rich agricultural heritage means that visitors are able to enjoy delicious zero-kilometre produce, with our oranges being the stars of the show. You can buy a range of top-quality products at our wide diversity of local markets. Visitors will also be able to sample the delicious oil and honey of the Sierra de Espadán and the melons grown on the Mediterranean coastline, and will have the opportunity to dine in a huge selection of coastal and inland restaurants.



Castelló Sud is a territory that has managed to preserve its various long-standing traditions. Proof of this nod to its past are its numerous festivals held throughout the year, where acts of great religious fervour are mixed with folklore, gastronomy and culture.



Lose yourself in the essence of these Mediterranean towns and villages. Castelló Sud is a destination to be enjoyed at your own pace, safely and away from crowds, whether you’re visiting with your friends, family or partner. A place where you don’t need to travel far in order to enjoy a broad range of experiences.



Castelló Sud is a caravan-friendly destination with multiple service areas, camp sites and an ever-expanding network of parking facilities. The huge diversity of landscapes in our various towns and villages – which are close to each other and easily accessible – will allow you to make the most of this means of transport.



Castelló Sud’s pleasant Mediterranean climate means that you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities at any time of year. Visitors will also be able to sample delicious seasonal produce and experience memorable activities and events throughout the year, regardless of the time they visit.