From pre-historic times right up until the present day, different civilisations have left their mark on the local area, shaping the history and determining the evolution of our villages and towns. Visitors can learn about the different civilisations that have inhabited our territory through their material remains; many examples of which were discovered in Iberian settlements such as Sant Josep (La Vall d’Uixó) or the Roman villa of Benicató (Nules).

Of the rich archaeological heritage that is found in Castelló Sud, the remains of fortifications are particularly noteworthy. These range from the Arab castles of La Vilavella, La Vall d’Uixó, Alfondeguilla, Artana and Eslida to the coastal defence towers of Moncofa and the walled enclosures of Mascarell and Almenara.

Lastly, we must not forget the significant military legacy from the Battle of Levante (1938-1939), which took place during the Spanish Civil War. This takes the form of trenches, block houses, air raid shelters, observatories and military camps, amongst other structures, and many of these can now be visited by the public.